Sekiro: waiting for Elden Ring, user beats the final boss every day, we are at 91 °

Sekiro: waiting for Elden Ring, user beats the final boss every day, we are at 91 °


All Hidetaka Miyazaki fans are eagerly awaiting to discover something new (possibly even a release date) about Elden Ring. To pass the wait, a player, for about three months, has decided to release a video every day in which he defeats the final boss of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (which is the most recent Miyazaki game).

In other words, the player is facing Isshin without Kuro's lucky charm (that is, any imperfect parry still inflicts some damage), with the Demon's Bell active (which increases the difficulty) and forcing himself not to use any healing in the fight. Based on the video, which you can see below, the player has enhanced life and attack, plus he has the enhanced prosthetic arm tools. The video we share today is the 91st: the author assures that he intends to go on fighting the final boss of Sekiro for more than a year, if necessary.

On Reddit there is also a FAQ in which the player explains that fight after fight tries slightly different strategies, also to vary the action a little. For example, he also explains that he eliminated music because he bored him. The clashes also take place with the GOTY version of the game, which offers a slightly different clash, in some cases, moreover, faces the boss modified by a mod. In addition, the battle takes place via the added feature of the GOTY update "Reflections of Strength", which allows you to re-face bosses over and over again.

Finally, the player explains that he is playing the PC version of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, precisely using keyboard and mouse, not the controller. Also on Reddit you can find a link with the list of past battles.

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