Russian footballer at the awards ceremony as Deadpool

Russian footballer at the awards ceremony as Deadpool

Recently, FC Zenit Saint Petersburg won the Russian Premier League title for the third consecutive year, and one player, more precisely the team captain, decided to celebrate the victory in style by wearing the typical Deadpool costume.

Kotaku and Sports Illustrated have reported that Zenit captain and forward Artem Dzyuba showed up at the awards ceremony sporting a full costume of Deadpool, our beloved Chatty Mercenary.

Artem Dzyuba, Deadpool's passionate footballer

Dzyuba attended the awards ceremony accompanied by his son, also in costume, to collect the most prestigious prize in the Russian league. This unexpected tribute was also noticed by Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

You can find a video of Dzyuba accepting his costume award, symbolically having his son withdraw it, below!

Just Artem Dzyuba receiving his championship medal dressed as @Deadpool, nothing to see here.

- Russian Football News (@RusFootballNews) May 2, 2021

But why, among so many superheroes, Dzyuba has chosen to impersonate precisely the Mercenary Chatty for this important event? Here is his answer:

“He can do anything, the best thing about him is regeneration, so it's me. I've had this costume for ages. It's our third consecutive title, so I can give myself the chance to wear it. I've wanted to wear it for some time, but during the second championship I didn't dare, and during the first there was no time ... I'll take it off as soon as I get to the locker room. It's hot, I'm almost suffocated in it “.

We know that a third Deadpool film is in the works, which will find its place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, has confirmed that the film will be R-rated.

At present, there are no other major updates regarding Deadpool 3, so it may take a while longer , before it premieres.

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