Resident Evil Village will reset the uploads

Resident Evil Village will reset the uploads

Resident Evil Village could become a technological reference point for all the other games in the series. In a recent interview, in fact, Capcom (in the figure of the game director Morimasa Sato) stated that there will be no type of upload. In summary, players will be able to freely explore the Romanian countryside, the scenario of the new Japanese horror adventure, without having to wait even a minute.

Unfortunately Morimasa Sato did not go into details explaining how Capcom managed to achieve this result . However, we know some more information. As explained by the game director, in fact, on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 all the scenario of Resident Evil Village is connected. On old gen consoles, on the other hand, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, everything changes: there will still be uploads but they will be hidden and the players will not notice.

The most attentive of you (or at least those who have had way to play Resident Evil 7) will perfectly remember that even in the old main chapter there were no uploads. "Players will be able to enjoy the same experience as the previous title", the concluding words of Morimasa Sato. The technique worked perfectly, so it is almost natural that Capcom decided to propose it again for the new Resident Evil Village.

On a technical level, therefore, also considering the splendid result achieved with the penultimate demo (which we talked about at this address) we can say that Resident Evil Village is really successful. Obviously there will be time to tell you about the game experience based on the final build. In fact, the game will debut for all consoles, as well as on PC and Stadia, on May 7, 2021. Be careful though: some copies have already been released in Australia, so our advice is to avoid spoilers that could invade the network. The risk of ruining your gaming experience is very high.

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