P.T. Kojima's playable 60fps demo is even scarier

P.T. Kojima's playable 60fps demo is even scarier

It's been 7 years now since that fateful day. PS4 owners saw a demo of a mysterious game called P.T. The description on the PS Store certainly did not help and all of us, intrigued, downloaded and played it without ever finishing it. It took several weeks to discover the resolution of some cryptic puzzles but in the end it was discovered that the work was nothing more than an interactive teaser of the new game by Hideo Kojima.

You will remember that period well, people literally went crazy both for the new work of Metal Gear's father and in being able to see a new chapter of one of the most loved horror sagas of all time. Unfortunately, as often happens, several years later Konami decided to abandon both the project and the game director, tearing the hearts of millions of fans around the world from the chest. Thus ends the story of PT, or rather Silent Hills, a work that will probably never see the light except for sudden turnarounds by Kojima himself or by the Japanese company.

There are those who remember that well. demo and those who still struggle to digest what happened today. A fan on Reddit wanted in some way to pay homage to this project by fixing a series of details and publishing the work done on the well-known platform. P.T. now runs at 60 fps with a decidedly cleaner resolution than the 2014 version. Here we leave you the first part of the movie.

It remains a big pity not to have played the full title, we are almost certain that with ideas by Hideo Kojima a small masterpiece could come out of it. However, we know that if this had not happened, probably the game director would not have created Death Stranding, another recent masterpiece of him. Let us know what you think with a comment below, would you have preferred playing Silent Hills over Death Stranding?

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