PS5: Sony invests in exclusives, PlayStation VR and adaptations in movies and TV series

PS5: Sony invests in exclusives, PlayStation VR and adaptations in movies and TV series


PS5 is obviously at the center of Sony's programs for the next three years, based on what emerged from the recent meeting of the company, which is evident from the investments announced in the production of exclusives, in the technology behind PlayStation VR and in series adaptations. PS4 and PS5 in movies and TV series.

Starting from the first question, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed the aggressive investments in the first party teams that are part of PlayStation Studios, but also continuing to invest in relations with third parties party, probably through exclusive agreements: "We are working to bring content to the community of players, strengthening our relationships with third party teams and developers, as well as investing in development on our first parties and enriching them with new talent".

PlayStation Studios and PS5 are at the center of Sony's investments in the next three years From a technological point of view, great attention seems aimed at PlayStation VR, but this is only one component of the entertainment solutions planned for PS5, considered the "new milestone we have reached in the space of experiential technology" by Yoshida. In particular, great attention will be paid to virtual reality.

"Our most recent milestone in the space of experiential technology is PlayStation 5. We have integrated different technologies into the console including audio, graphics and haptic feedback through the controller, all things that allow users to enhance the gaming experience with a sense of reality and in an immersive way, "said Yoshida.

" The next challenge in this area is virtual reality: leveraging the knowledge we have achieved with PS VR, we plan to incorporate the latest in sensor and detection technology into our next generation headset. "

Finally, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida spoke of the investments made in PlayStation Productions, which will bring several transpositions from video games to films and TV series: "We also built PlayStation Productions. film and television production team, is carrying out productions that transform video game series into movies and television shows. The Hit PlayStation Uncharted is currently in production as a film and we are implementing other projects, including collaborations with Sony Pictures and Sony Music, to maximize the value of our intellectual properties ". Apparently, there are currently at least 10 productions in progress between films and TV series based on PlayStation video games.

Among other things that emerged from the conference is the collaboration with Sony AI for video games, the PlayStation IPs on mobile and social media and heavy investments in subscription services.

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  • PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, Target, Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon and More
  • PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, PS Direct, Newegg, Target, Amazon and More
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