Outriders: Next update eliminates annoying damage bug

Outriders: Next update eliminates annoying damage bug


If everything goes according to plan, another update for the loot shooter Outriders will be released later this week. The developers from the People Can Fly studio recently announced this via Reddit.com. With a bit of luck, the patch will even be available for download today. Most fans should be very happy about it, because the update should mainly take care of a particularly annoying bug.

It currently ensures that the calculations for damage mitigation in Outriders (now buy) often runs incorrectly. As a result, the players die after just a few hits or, in the worst case, even after just one shot by the opponent - although this was not actually intended. This has led to increased frustration and anger among many fans in the recent past. In addition, the update should take care of some remaining crash bugs that could still cause the client to crash. Added to this is the installation of various diagnostic tools, which should help the developers to locate some of the errors that currently still exist when logging in.

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People Can Fly also reiterated that the studio continues to work on the promised compensation packages for the fans of Outriders. Among other things, it should contain a certain amount of titanium and serves to compensate for the big problems with the launch of the loot shooter. However, it is not yet clear when exactly the developers will deliver the packages.

Source: Reddit.com

‘Outriders’ Now Says It Will Be ‘Expanding In The Future’


People Can Fly

Outriders, the game that has said multiple times it is not a live service game, continues to talk and act like one. Ahead of a patch meant to fix one-shotting Brood Mothers today, Outriders dropped a hint that it will indeed be making additional content in the future.

Here’s the tweet from yesterday, with a tease at the end about something coming in the future:

Previously, when I spoke to People Can Fly, they did not rule out future content, but said that it would have to be something like “significant expansions with self-contained stories.” Unlike games like Avengers or Anthem, Outriders has not promised that future content would be free, so this could be some sort of paid, standalone expansion. It could also be something that isn’t necessarily new levels to run, but say, the addition of a fifth class, as Outriders has said in the past that was potentially something that could happen.

It is no great surprise that Outriders had hidden plans for additional content all along, but I maintain it was a good idea not to talk about that at all ahead of launch. The idea was that if Outriders was a hit, it would make more content. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t, and never promised that it would.

But Outriders has been enough of a success with 3.5 million players already where it seems like yes, that additional content is probably getting made to some extent. If it really is a “significant expansion,” I am a little surprised that it is being teased this early, but the tweet speaks for itself, they’re teasing something, at least.



At the moment, I’ve sworn off Outriders until one of two things happens, hopefully both: They improve Expedition matchmaking so 90% of my games don’t fail to connect or involve someone standing AFK at a vendor for ten minutes, and/or they raise legendary drop rates significantly because getting one drop every other Expedition run is going to make me die of old age before I even get a full build done on one character, much less four. Outriders is far too stingy for a PvE game without microtransactions that really, has no reason to be.

Problem is we’re approaching two months into the launch of the game and the only truly major changes we’ve seen are a fix to the horrific inventory loss bug, and now a resolution of this damage mitigation issue, hopefully today. Quality of life improvements, balance updates (in favor of the player, at least) and better drop rates/target farming are nowhere to be found, and many players are moving on.

I will certainly be curious to see what “expanding Outriders” will look like, but PCF has some work to do first with the base game before we get there, that much is clear.  

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