GTA 5 comes close to reality with these graphics changes

GTA 5 comes close to reality with these graphics changes

GTA 5 has always been one of those titles so popular with the public. Almost eight years after its release, the fifth chapter of the glorious Rockstar Games saga continues to amaze through all kinds of mods or graphic changes. We have seen so many over the years, but the latter has really surprised us positively by bringing the title closer to reality, it seems absurd but it's all true.

This graphic modification was carried out by the Intel Labs team who was able to study lunge by applying all their technologies learned over time, testifying how these can drastically change the graphics of a single game. Some researchers therefore exploited everything by increasing the photorealism effect in GTA 5. We would like to clarify that this is not a mod that you can download and then try but a real demonstration of how technologies developed over time can improve the graphic quality.

The result is nothing short of amazing, with GTA 5 literally transformed into an “interactive google maps”. The technology generates an effect close to realism by exploiting the hue of light and colors, the improvement of visual distance and much more. We leave you just below the video showing the work done, so that you can judge for yourself. You can also find a more detailed explanation on this by following this page.

GTA 5 is still one of the most played games today, especially on PC, thanks to mods that change the way you play. The most famous, which literally drove the web and Twitch crazy, is the RP one, in which we will have to behave like a classic NPC in a dedicated server with strict rules to follow. We will see if in the future this technology will be used by Rockstar Games itself or by as many video game companies.

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