Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Art Book arrives in the West: Square announces Material Ultimania

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Art Book arrives in the West: Square announces Material Ultimania

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Art Book arrives in the West

The evocative universe of Final Fantasy VII has returned to the gaming market in 2020, thanks to the debut of Final Fantasy VII Remake as an exclusive timeline on PlayStation 4.

The latter, in turn, is ready to make a second debut in a few months, thanks to the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5. The latter, we remember, will also bring with it an unreleased next gen content, with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC divided into two chapters and dedicated to Yuffie. Waiting for the month of June 2021, Square Enix has shared with fans a further announcement dedicated to the epic of Cloud and companions.

The software house has in fact officially presented the English version of Final Fantasy VII Remake : Material Ultimania, Art Book dedicated to the JRPG. With over 300 full-color pages, the volume includes illustrations, character models, location concept art, tools and weapons, as well as cut-scene storyboards, developer commentary, and interviews with the game's Japanese voice actors. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania will be available starting December 7, 2021, priced at $ 39.99 for the hardcover edition and $ 25.99 for the digital edition.

Meanwhile, Square Enix's registration of the Chocobo Gran Prix brand could suggest a return to the series.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania’s English Version is Out in December

Final Fantasy VII Remake has managed the impossible – it’s seen as a legitimately good game, but unlike most remakes people aren’t questioning the point. The remake justifies its existence by getting meta, with several characters remembering how the original game went – and actively working to change their fates. The game only covered the first couple of hours of the original, but with so much of the story left to discover, fans are desperate for the next installment.

It may not be the next part, but the good news is that Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania is on its way west, scheduled for a December 7 release. The 366-page book is the latest in the Ultimania series which bring art books to the next level, combining CG arts with storyboards, commentary, interviews, and even liner notes for the songs. We also get an insider’s look into the design of the games, with details on how they finalized costumes, weapons, and character designs.

The series have been popular with fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, and for good reason; Final Fantasy is a series that has thrived on an art design level, with every game introducing new and unique areas, characters, and concepts, such as Final Fantasy XII’s Sandsea or Final Fantasy XV’s new take on summons. Final antasy VII Remake may have borrowed a lot from the original game, but that doesn’t mean that the Ultimania isn’t worth your time; you’ll get to see the decisions made to translate the original into a new form, as well as, possibly, some new content; after all, with Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade out in June, we could be seeing some added content surrounding the DLC. It’s also worth noting that the original Japanese version includes interviews with the voice actors, so we could be seeing those replaced with the cast of the English version.

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