Bandai Namco: Record revenues in 2020, more games are sold in Europe

Bandai Namco: Record revenues in 2020, more games are sold in Europe

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco can celebrate great financial results. The company achieved revenue in fiscal 2020 (i.e. from April 2020 through March 2021) of $ 6.8 billion. Operating profit grew 7.5% to $ 777 million. The gaming side, in particular, was worth 1.07 billion dollars or + 19.8% compared to last year.

Speaking precisely of games, Bandai Namco has sold 41.4 million copies in 51 countries. According to data reported by, there is talk of 3.4 million copies sold through 44 games in Japan, 16.2 million copies sold in the Americas through 25 games and 21.7 million copies sold through 34 games in Europe. Although more games are sold in Europe, the average of units sold per game is almost equal between the Americas and the EU (respectively, 0.648 million and 0.638 million).

Bandai Namco is getting stronger and stronger The gaming side has seen different growths, but the pandemic has hit the music and visual production divisions which have seen a 40% drop, along with the "amusement" side (parks, arcades ...) which has suffered a 30% drop. This resulted in the closure of 44 Bandai Namco factories around the world. For 2021, the company expects a 64.1% decline in revenues with a 70.9% drop in profits.

The financial results of many gaming companies are circulating these days: like Ubisoft reporting record profits , Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Just Dance on shields. As far as EA is concerned, we are talking about record takings: 4 billion from microtransactions "are worth 130 million games".

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Bandai Namco Had A Pretty Great 2020, Revenue Reached $6.8 billion

Thanks to the perfect storm of a global pandemic and an entertainment-starved population turning to video games to help stave off lockdown boredom, video game publishers have reported record earnings for the financial year ending on March 31, 2021. According to its latest financial results, publisher Bandai Namco was among these, recently seeing a healthy 2.3% increase in sales year-on-year, earning $6.8 billion overall.

Operating profit grew by 7.5% to $777 million when compared to the previous fiscal year, with video game sales earning $1.07 billion for the company. That made for a healthy 19.2% increase year-on-year compared to the previous year, although it's worth noting that net sales across all departments came from Bandai Namco's home ground of Japan and accounted for 77.6% of total sales.

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As for how those games sold, Bandai Namco sold 41.4 million copies across 51 games globally. According to GamesIndustry.Biz, that broke down to 3.4 million copies across 44 games sold in Japan, 16.2 million units sold in the Americas across 25 games, and 21.7 million copies shifted across Europe across 34 games.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, visual and music production sales were down 40% while amusement segments saw a drop of 30%, leading to a closure of 44 of Bandai Namco's amusement facilities across the world.

Bandai Namco expects the 2021 fiscal year to see a 64.1% drop in revenue to $385 million, which will in turn result in a 70.9% decrease in profit to $293 million. This is predicted to come when the pandemic starts to subside, as more countries vaccinate their populations.

This week has seen plenty of other gaming publishers post their latest financial earnings, with Control developer Remedy Entertainment posting revenue of of €8.1. million, EA having its best year ever, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla helped Ubisoft surge to a record 39.4% increase in profit when compared to the previous year.