The closure of digital stores and the price of games in today's Short circuit

The closure of digital stores and the price of games in today's Short circuit

Il Cortocircuito returns today at 16.00 with a new episode, strictly live. In the company of Pierpaolo Greco, Alessio Pianesani and Francesco Serino we will address two really interesting topics.

The Short Circuit, the topics of the episode of April 9, 2021. The first is the closure of digital stores and the loss of historical memory: we will have a long debate in the company of Mauro Fanelli, founder of MixedBag, commenting on the news of the closure of the PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita and PSP.

We will also talk about the aversion towards the concept of legal emulation and affirmation of an exclusively digital video game market that risks making it impossible to preserve the memory of the medium.

The second argument is: is 70, 80 euros for a video game really too much? Starting from the latest statements by Michael Pachter on the price of the games, we will try to understand how things actually stand and what the possible future prospects are.

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