USB-C hub: double discount thanks to this coupon

USB-C hub: double discount thanks to this coupon

USB-C hub

USB-C hubs have become a fundamental accessory, in light of the reduced number of ports on the latest generation laptops. Today it is possible to buy the HooToo USB-C hub on offer on Amazon for only € 29.99.

An additional 10 euro coupon is added to the pre-applied discount of 20%, practically halving the price initial of 50 euros. To access the complete offer, check the box relating to the € 10 coupon and proceed with the purchase, at the time of payment the price will be reduced.

The new MacBooks, as well as several Windows PCs, offer just a few USB-C port, giving up the USB-A, HDMI and SD slot inputs, fundamental interfaces for many professionals. It is therefore necessary to purchase a device of this kind, a USB-C hub capable of expanding the port supply of portable PCs and more. This multifunctional adapter can also be connected to smartphones and tablets, to move files or connect the device to an external monitor or TV.

The USB-C hub of the HooToo brand offers the following ports:

2 USB-A 3.0 1 USB-A 2.0 1 TF slot 1 SD slot 1 HDMI 1 1Gbps Ethernet LAN 1 USB-C Power Delivery The equipment is quite complete, it offers everything you need to expand your PC inputs and connect a long series of external devices. Should your PC charge via USB-C, there is no need to remove the hub as the power cable can be plugged directly into the power delivery port built into the adapter.

The USB-C hub di HooToo is on offer on Amazon for € 29.99, an additional € 10 coupon is added to the 20% discount for a total saving of € 20 compared to the usual price.

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The best USB-C hub 2021: Perfect USB-C docks for home working

Pocket-lint Logo By of Pocket-lint | Slide 1 of 7: USB-C is a wonderful thing - it

USB-C is a wonderful thing - it's taken a fair amount of time for the standard to truly spread around the industry, but now more laptops and computers than ever ship with USB-C ports that can be used for all manner of things.

Whether it's charging, display connections or any number of peripherals, it's a port that lets you do it all, but one downside to the revolution it's brought with it has been that some laptops and tablets have taken the opportunity to make it the only port they come with.

If you've only got one port to play with, doing things like charging and passing your display to a monitor at the same time can be a nightmare. That's why we've rounded up some amazing hubs for you to take a look at.

These devices let you hook your laptop or tablet up to a whole variety of accessories and other devices, making them a must for anyone working from home or looking to have the option to do so more comfortably. 

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