Samsung 40W soundbar in super offer on Amazon (-40%)

Samsung 40W soundbar in super offer on Amazon (-40%)

Samsung's T400 series soundbar is on offer on Amazon for € 89.99, a price reduced by 40% for a saving of around € 60 compared to the reference price.

This model is ideal for to equip your living room with a powerful and quality audio system, the 4 speakers expand the sound laterally creating a pleasant surround effect, while the integrated woofer gives a boost to the low frequencies for full-bodied and enveloping listening.

The elegant and minimal design allows you to integrate the soundbar to your home decor with ease, the right side houses 4 keys to adjust the volume and turn the device on or off. At the center of the Samsung HW-T400 / ZF soundbar there is an NFC chip, through which it is possible to bring a smartphone closer to pair the two devices and connect them via bluetooth.

Inside the Samsung sales package includes a convenient remote control, to control the soundbar even from a distance. The power of 40W ensures adequate performance for watching movies, TV series or sporting events by taking advantage of the audio quality of a high-end device, rather than settling for the speakers integrated into the TV.

Today the Samsung HW-T400 soundbar / ZF goes on offer on Amazon at € 89.99, a 40% discount for an interesting saving compared to the 150 euros requested in the price list. The product is compatible with Prime express shipping, with free delivery within 1-2 working days.

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