Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist has a release date, introduced by Operator Flores

Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist has a release date, introduced by Operator Flores

Rainbow Six Siege

After proposing the first news within the game's TTS, Ubisoft has finally announced the definitive launch date of Crimson Heist, or the new full-bodied Rainbow Six Siege Season.

that Crimson Heist will be live on all platforms starting Tuesday, March 16. In short, it is not long before you can put your hand to all the novelties of the cooperative shooter, among which we find a reworking of the Border map, the Newcomer playlist, a new weapon and more.

The introduction could not be missing. of a new Operator: this is Flores, a purely offensive soldier who is equipped with an explosive kit that includes a remote controlled RCE-Ratero charge. This brand new technology will allow players to blow up obstacles and walls from a safe distance, allowing them to create craters in the walls or eliminate the opposing team's technological devices without putting themselves in danger. To give a worthy introduction to its new Operator, Ubisoft has released a new Story Trailer that you can enjoy at the top of this news.

As for the Border map specifically, the team of development specified that it had made some small exterior changes and added walls and interior furnishings previously absent. For all the other details we refer you directly to the patch notes of this great new update of the shooter.

Ubisoft recently discussed the possible introduction of cross-play and cross-progression for Rainbow Six Siege, declaring herself extremely thrilled at the idea that Xbox and PlayStation users can play with each other without limitations of any kind.

Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist goes full anime

Rainbow Six Siege is delving further and further into its own lore as the seasons wear on, with more extensive backstories and flavour trailers for each of its new operators. Heading into Crimson Heist, Flores has gotten what might just be the best story trailer yet. If there are two things we love here at PCGamesN, it’s anime and Siege, and it’s about time they come together.

The new Crimson Heist story trailer is full of lovely, traditional 2D animation that owes more than a little debt to the classic action anime of the late 90s and early 2000s. It’s more or less a Cowboy Bebop episode condensed to under two minutes, just with a little less outer space bounty hunting and a little more covert military recruitment.

A brief framing device sees Flores cooking some meat at a food stand, as he’s being scouted for the Six programme. We get a flashback to a heist Flores previously undertook, where he outsmarts some guards in impressive style – while showing off his in-game drone gadget, naturally.

Check out the video for yourself below.

The Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist release date is set for March 16, if you have the battle pass – as ever, everyone else has to wait two weeks for the new content. Either way, you can follow that link for plenty more details on what’s coming.