Lottery of Receipts, March 2021: the winners

Lottery of Receipts, March 2021: the winners

Lottery of Receipts, March 2021

The Customs and Monopoly Agency has just announced the winning virtual tickets that win 100,000 euros for the first monthly drawing of the Receipt Lottery.

Who won the Receipt Lottery, March 2021

The winning tickets are as follows:

There are few publicly available information: the date of issue of the receipt, the unique code of the receipt itself and the amount spent: yes go from a little over 20 euros of expenditure to over 700 (each euro of expenditure corresponds to a new virtual ticket, therefore the possibility of winning grows with the increase of the amount per receipt). Each merchant who has issued the extracted receipt will receive a tax-free prize equal to 20 thousand euros.

Each ticket is related to a receipt which, during registration by the merchant, has been linked to a Lottery Code . The Lottery Code itself was registered starting from a Tax Code, which thus allows us to trace the winner. To check if you are in possession of one of the virtual tickets drawn, simply enter the Reserved Area of ​​the Lottery Portal (via SPID, CIE or CNS). The winners will receive a registered letter indicating that the drawing has taken place or, if they have registered their certified e-mail address on the portal, they will be notified via PEC.

The next drawing of the Lottery of Receipts is scheduled for Thursday 8 April 2021. On that occasion, virtual tickets linked to receipts issued in March will be drawn by lot.

Italy's 'receipt lottery' gets under way with 1st draw

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 11 - The first draw for Italy's 'Receipt Lottery' (Lotteria degli Scontrini) takes place on Thursday, with 10 consumers set to win 100,000 euros and 20 retailers set to get 20,000 euros. The lottery is part of the government's effort to combat tax evasion by encouraging traceable payments by card and to incentivize people to use traditional shops rather than online retailers. The economy ministry said four million people have activated codes to be able to take part in the lottery. Each time a consumer uses a card to make purchases in a shop and gets the cashier to scan their Receipt Lottery code, they get one lottery ticket for each euro spent, up to a maximum of 1,000 tickets for a single receipt. These tickets are then automatically put into draws, with winners notified via email. The Consumerismo consumer association, however, said that only around 35% of retailers are able to scan codes for the lottery at the moment, due to the lack of the necessary technology, connection problems and other issues. (ANSA).