BioShock VR is the new amazing mod for Half-Life Alyx

BioShock VR is the new amazing mod for Half-Life Alyx

BioShock lands on VR thanks to a mod for Half-Life Alyx! Developed by the Belgian modder 'Wim Buytaert', the Return to Rapture mod is a full-fledged campaign that combines the worlds of the two titles together in one true narrative line. The modder had previously published a small sketch of his work, which offered about thirty minutes of gameplay. Let's analyze together some details of Return to Rapture!

Buytaert's work did not go unnoticed in the eyes of some BioShock developers, who allowed the talented modder to exploit about 200 resources from the original game. Thus the mod reached its final version, which is a campaign divided into 8 chapters. Buytaert, however, wanted to exaggerate even more by including a new soundtrack, various audio diaries and even hired a voice actor to narrate his very original plot, which you can read right here below:

“The Combine have discovered where is Rapture "- the description begins on the Return to Rapture Steam Workshop page -" It is rumored that Andrew Ryan's suitcase has yet to be found. Inside are the secrets of ADAM and the plasmids. The search for the suitcase is not archeology; it is a race against evil. If it falls into the hands of the Combine, the armies of darkness will march across the face of the earth ", concludes the gripping narrative put together by the modder.

An original gimmick that (as can be seen from both the plot and the video above) combines two of the videogame universes most loved by gamers. As always, we remind you to stay tuned with us at Game Division for constant updates on the gaming world!

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