The potential return of Bilbo in The Rings of Power

The potential return of Bilbo in The Rings of Power

Bilbo Baggins' performer in The Hobbit trilogy, Martin Freeman, spoke to Metro about a potential return of his character over the course of the planned five seasons of The Rings of Power, the series to be released September 2 on Prime Video. .

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Bilbo in The Hobbit

Martin Freeman's Bilbo in The Rings of Power?

The actor has stated that he is reluctant to return to the role of the character, but not to exclude him a priori. Everything, according to him, depends on the purpose for which the figure is reintroduced and on the real possibility that the story of Bilbo manages to blend perfectly with the new series, waiting for only the minds of The Rings of Power, JD Payne and Patrick McKay, they could focus. Below you can read the words of Martin Freeman, in which he also alludes to the fact that the stories of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien will probably be told for hundreds of years:

I think they are the kind of stories to come told over and over for the next 300 years, but with different incarnations. I wish him well, I hope everything is fine, I want everything to be fine [in reference to The Rings of Power]. Getting back into Bilbo's shoes depends on who brings his story to life, and why. If it was something thought out in detail and not out of place, then maybe yes. But anything that leads the viewer to divert attention and make him say "Hey, this is a different version" could be a bit strange. It all depends on the minds behind it.| ); }
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