Street Fighter 6: video presents the news in real time for the matches

Street Fighter 6: video presents the news in real time for the matches

Street Fighter 6

A new trailer dedicated to Street Fighter 6 has been released and, more precisely, to its real-time news for matches. The video shows us and plays the commentators Tasty Steve and James Chen. The trailer also shows some character gameplay like Guile and Luke.

Tasty Steve will be the one providing real-time commentary on each action, while James Chen takes care of coloring the news by giving a little more context. As far as we know, there may also be other commentators in the future.

We remind you that Street Fighter 6 will be available starting from an unspecified date of 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Chun Li of Street Fighter 6 In our test we explained to you that "If Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 were considered too biased towards the defensive and offensive approach, with the sixth chapter Capcom could finally have hit that 'balance able to make everyone agree. Street Fighter 6 manages to be at the same time old and new, simple and profound, inheriting the best of the past episodes to re-propose it through a mechanic - the Drive system - which could lead to exciting matches. There is still a year to go before the game is released and there is still a lot to discover on the roster of fighters, on the options and on the single-player and online modes, but from this first test it is clear that Stree t Fighter 6 is on its way. "

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Street Fighter 6 announces James Chen and Tasty Steve as in-game commentators

This weekend is full of announcements for the FGC, including an abundance of reveals for Street Fighter 6. Some popular voices from the competitive FGC scene will be featured in-game.

Commentators James Chen and Steve Scott (aka Tasty Steve) have been announced as additional voices for Street Fighter 6’s Real-Time Commentary Feature. The two are often paired together to commentate during Capcom’s Street Fighter tournaments, making them an iconic choice for this new in-game feature.

The community responded positively to the news, applauding the two for the “well-deserved” opportunity.

On June 2, PlayStation released a blog that showed off some Street Fighter 6 news, including the new commentary feature. In the blog, developers explained that they are working with well-known FGC commentators to “incorporate their voices directly in the game.”

During a match, fighters can hear the commentators narrate what is happening on screen “just like a real tournament.” The new feature will make matches more intense and hype and provide “easy-to-understand explanations” about the gameplay.

The first commentators announced for the feature were Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Aru.

There is still no official date for Street Fighter 6, but it’s now confirmed to be coming in 2023. Expect more information to be revealed throughout Evo this weekend.