UnDUNE II is a free browser-based demake of Dune 2

UnDUNE II is a free browser-based demake of Dune 2

Dune 2 is regarded as one of the fathers of real-time strategy. UnDUNE II is its completely free demake, made by an independent developer for the Pico-8 virtual console and playable directly from the browser.

UnDUNE II official page

If you want you can also download and play it offline. The game is always the same, with its mix of resource gathering and troop creation. Born as an impromptu idea of ​​the developer, who wanted to dedicate three months to it, it took three years to complete. Let's see the launch trailer:

Three houses fight for the conquest of the planet Dune. Among the features of UnDUNE II we can count the presence of the three original factions (+ Sardaukar), the three Mentat (+ Bene Gesserit), the nine campaign missions, including introductions and animated sequences, plus all the buildings and units seen in the Westwood title. There are also worms, of course.

Please specify that we are talking about an amateur project, developed for pure personal pleasure and love for the game, therefore without any profit.

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