Twitch: new wave of bans due to Russian propaganda

Twitch: new wave of bans due to Russian propaganda


The invasion of Russia against Ukraine is also bringing about changes in the world of video games, particularly on Twitch. After inhibiting payments, Amazon has decided to take a step forward, directly targeting the Kremlin's propaganda, a crime of fueling divisions and political imbalances in the West and which could potentially have influenced the US elections as well.

Twitch As reported online, several Twitch accounts have been banned from the platform. The reasons behind this ban are to be found in the propaganda of the Russian Federation and it is not an isolated case. Over the years, governments and agencies have created a system for spreading fake news and disinformation, using social networks. "Although we continue to detect a rather low number of accounts that make disinformation, we have decided to take action and suspend several channels that violated our policies," reads a statement from the platform managers.| ); }
This process will most likely continue in the future, even after the current war. Events like this have moved the companies behind social networks to take more responsibility towards users, and almost all platforms have begun a process to prevent disinformation from becoming uncontrollable.

Streamer who raves all the time blows up on Twitch after clip goes viral

Twitch streamer crossmauz, who you may have seen raving in a viral clip, has been blowing up on the streaming site after his entertaining exploits took over social media. 

Over the last few years, streamers have been one-upping each other when it comes to the production side of their broadcasts. Stars like DrDisrespect, TheSushiDragon, and Rickyexp have left fans stunned with their brilliant skits and gadgets.

In mid-April, young streamer crossmauz captured the attention of the internet when a clip went viral of him ‘raving’ after getting kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Clips of him shooting off fire and giving his bedroom a fully-fledged festival atmosphere attracted over 20 million views and thousands of comments with people being, literally, blown away by what they’d seen.

The 15-year-old, who hails from Germany, hasn’t streamed on Twitch since March 25, but there is increased attention around his channels thanks to the viral clips.

The last VOD on his channel has racked up over 320,000 views and that number only continues to grow as people flock to see if he’s gone live.

On top of that, crossmauz has attracted over 100,000 new followers as well, who want to see him stream again. Before the clips hit Twitter, his channel had just a touch over 38,000 followers but that has skyrocketed to over 146,000 as per SocialBlade stats.

While the streamer does hold Twitter and Instagram accounts, he hasn’t commented his newfound success, and it appears as if his streams will be on a completely random schedule.

With the attention of the internet on him, the streamer will likely have a massive audience whenever he goes live next time. So, who knows what extra party pieces he might bring to the table.