Tesla wants to produce an electric taxi-robot

Tesla wants to produce an electric taxi-robot

It was an event with great fanfare, the one entitled Cyber ​​Rodeo staged on the American evening of yesterday 7 April to inaugurate the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. On stage, with a cowboy hat in order given the location, Elon Musk entertained those present with a series of previews and announcements. There was no shortage of surprises such as the development of a self-driving electric taxi that will have a look defined as futuristic. It was one of the many projects mentioned in the past and then almost forgotten, but now it seems ready to find a worthy fulfillment.

The Cyber ​​Rodeo event opened with a light show and a drone dance who drew memes and Musk's face in the air inside the large space of one of the rooms of the immense factory (Gigafactory) which - once at full capacity - will give a nice acceleration to the production of vehicles for North America. In addition to the confirmation of the entry of new lines such as the long-awaited colossal Cybertruck pickup (lagging behind the original plans, but is a great Tesla classic), the Semi electric truck and a new version of the Roadster, Elon Musk focused on the evocative electric robotaxi project.

Tesla - the stage of the event

It was at the meeting with investors in 2019 when Tesla first announced the development of a propulsion vehicle clean without a driver. Three years later, there are no teaser videos or photos, but a rather high-sounding promise: "There will be a dedicated robot-taxi and it will have a rather futuristic design", announced Musk, recalling the 2020 render that can be observed. at the head of the article and which referred to a possible large self-driving electric vehicle to be placed in the tunnels of The Boring Company.

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The “robotaxi” could be different, more like a normal car. When will Tesla's robo-taxi be seen? It is certainly on the list of priorities after the diffusion of access to the beta program on the fsd (full self-driving) package already purchased by several thousand customers and arriving at first in North America.