Will Burnout still whiz on consoles and PCs?

Will Burnout still whiz on consoles and PCs?

In today's world of racing games, Burnout is one of the series that has been missing for some time now. However, an email from Sony sent to some users may have anticipated a probable return, even if we are in the realm of speculation as never before. The title is in fact owner of Electronic Arts and developed by Criterion but it is not excluded that the Japanese company does not know something about it and is not cooperating with EA to prepare a return.

The publisher's digital letter, in fact , in fact, asks some players if they have ever heard of different titles for the latest Sony console. Many are very recent, such as Godfall (the first PlayStation 5 exclusive in the pipeline, at least it seems, also on PlayStation 4) and Miles Morales. In between, however, there is Burnout, with a question also linked to the possession of some game in the series. A decidedly strange fact, considering precisely to whom the intellectual property is linked and above all the absence of the same for some time from the video game market.

At the moment the most likely hypothesis is that Sony has commissioned this survey, maybe even with Electronic Arts, to test the ground regarding a possible return of Burnout. Obviously, a hypothetical new game in the series would by no means be exclusive to Sony, far from it. The saga has in fact always been multi-platform and the Redwood publisher could hardly change the plans in progress.

In the event of a possible Burnout comeback, however, we will have to wait a little longer. Criterion Games should in fact be working on Need for Speed ​​while Codemasters (latest addition to the Electronic Arts team roster) is currently working on the new Formula 1. It will therefore pass some time before a possible officialization of a new chapter of the popular arcade series, although of course we are ready to be proven wrong.

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