Rust: equipping quickly and efficiently, our guide

Rust: equipping quickly and efficiently, our guide


What you absolutely must have!

To make it easier for you to survive in your games of Rust, there are a few basic elements that you absolutely must craft as soon as possible. The first thing to do will be to improve your performance in resource gathering by crafting a stone hatchet using 5 stones and 10 wood.

Once you start to speed up the collection, you will have to start thinking about protecting yourself. For this, we advise you to quickly make a wooden spear. For this you will need 300 wood and this will be your first life insurance against other players.

In addition, you could upgrade it later by throwing stones, adding 100 stones and 5 tissues. Finally, we will advise you thereafter to craft a bow that will allow you to fight from a distance, but also to start hunting.

For this you will need 200 woods and 50 fabrics. As for ammunition, the easiest to craft are the wooden arrows which will require 25 wood and 10 stones. These arrows can be stored in stack of 64.

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