Microsoft caused an app to be temporarily removed from the App Store

Microsoft caused an app to be temporarily removed from the App Store

During the Epic Vs. Apple process, we learned of a curious background concerning Microsoft, which has been trying for months to make its xCloud service available, which allows the streaming of various video games for Xbox One on mobile and others. devices, through an application distributed on the App Store. To assert its rights, the Redmond company had pointed out the presence of Shadow, a similar platform that allowed you to play various titles from a remote server.

This observation seems to have caught the attention of Apple, which removed the app from the App Store. Obviously, this was by no means the intention of Microsoft, which had simply taken it as an example. Fortunately, Shadow's ban was only momentary and happened on a couple of occasions due to "failure to comply with App Store guidelines".

Valve, too, according to The Verge, had to work a lot before getting the approval of its Steam Link app, which allows you to stream video games running on a PC located in the local network of the same user.

The Cupertino company is currently finds himself fighting on multiple fronts due to the strict guidelines that developers must follow to publish their application on the App Store. In addition to the Epic Vs. Apple case, Spotify has also denounced Apple in Europe for its practices that favor its music streaming service, Apple Music, over its competitors. This could cost Apple a record $ 27 billion fine from the European Union for abuse of dominant position. If you want to know more, we recommend reading our previous article.

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