DC announces Superman vs Lobo

DC announces Superman vs Lobo

But can you imagine what could happen if the Man of Steel were to collide with ... the MAN? Definitely a great disaster! And this disaster is what awaits us at DC with the release scheduled for next August, or Superman vs Lobo, a production that will also involve our compatriot Mirka Andolfo!

The miniseries, divided into three episodes, is in fact the result of the collaboration between Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie (former creators of Money Shot) and precisely Mirka Andolfo, well known both in Italy and abroad for her works Contronatura, Sacro & Profano, Mercy and the very recent Sweet Paprika, which you can easily find at this link.

The story of this Superman vs Lobo is simple but highly intriguing: Numen, the most popular being in the entire Universe, a sort of divinity whose cumbersome presence overwhelmingly occupies all the various social media of the cosmos, does not look very favorably on the extreme popularity that the adoring masses pay to Superman and Lobo.

As if this "influencer jealousy" were not enough, we Yes also puts the insane scientific curiosity of this Dr. Flik, ​​interested in studying in detail the last children of two civilizations now disappeared, those of Krypton and Czarnia, the first destroyed together with the planet and the second ... Eliminated by the young Lobo only for the taste of being unique and inimitable!

The first issue of the Superman vs. Lobo will be released on August 24 in DC Prestige Plus format, with the main hard cover by Andolfo, variant covers, again hard illustrated by Simon Bisley and Tony Harris and a special variant cover in 1:25 paper by Phillip Tan. Every Superman vs. Lobo, will consist of 48 pages and will be sold in the United States at a price of $ 6.99, as well as being labeled with the Black Label DC, a brand that therefore indicates content intended for readers over 17 years of age.

How will this epic battle end? Be that as it may, we are sure we will see some good ones!