Cryptocurrency: eBay wants to accept Bitcoin and Co.

Cryptocurrency: eBay wants to accept Bitcoin and Co.


One of the big trending topics of the current time is undoubtedly crypto currencies. The digital currencies have experienced a strong upswing, not least spurred on by prominent personalities such as Elon Musk and his electric car company Tesla, and in some cases have increased in value enormously. This is especially true for Bitcoin, but Ethereum is also becoming more and more valuable and even the digital fun currency Dogecoin, which was developed as a parody of crypto currencies, is now of noteworthy value. Following the spirit of the times, those responsible at the eBay online marketplace are now also thinking about accepting such digital cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the future.

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Pay with Bitcoin on eBay

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone recently spoke to the financial broadcaster CNBC on the subject. "We continue to look for other options such as cryptocurrencies," it said. As early as 2013, the then eBay boss John Donahoe predicted a successful future for cryptocurrencies and openly thought about accepting Bitcoin on eBay.

When is crypto coming to eBay?

eBay already supports numerous payment methods. In addition to the classic credit or debit card, these are, for example, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, instant transfers via Klarna, classic bank transfers, direct debit, cash on delivery, cash on delivery and other online payment methods such as, CertaPay, nochex, com or Xoom.

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New cryptocurrency: hard drives and SSDs will soon be priceless?

A new cryptocurrency could ensure that, after graphics cards, hard drives and SSDs will soon become difficult to obtain and very expensive. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371421,1371031,1370803,1370670'; In this long list, cryptocurrency could also join this list as a further option in the future. Most likely, eBay will then precisely define the usable currencies and initially limit itself to "the big ones", for example Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sources: Der Standard / eBay

Ethereum price latest updates – Cryptocurrency’s record high makes founder a BILLIONAIRE – plus Bitcoin & Dogecoin news


A Spanish healthcare group will start accepting payments in cryptocurrency in what they are calling a 'Bitcoin revolution'.

Biziondo, which specialises in spine treatments, will take bitcoin and other crypto asset payments within its clinical facilities across the country, Forbes Negocios reports.

It cited a 'bitcoin revolution' as the group's reasoning, as well as management interest in blockchain technology.

Biziondo general manager said: 'It is clear that the bitcoin revolution has already started.

'In an economic context in which, in 2020, 60% of the world’s money was printed by European, United States and Japanese central banks, a financial disaster will inevitably be reached in approximately 2 or 5 years.'


One expert has said 'money is being thrown at anything in the crypto space' after Dogecoin went up by 9,000% from the start of the year.

The sum of its tokens is now at more than $54 billion.

IG Markets analyst Kyle Rodda, likened this surge to the tech-bubble mania of two decades ago.

He said: 'What we're seeing right now is the definition of speculative excess.

'There's money being thrown at anything in the crypto space.'


Dogecoin's value is up 27% in just 24 hours.

It is trading at $0.488134 on Coindesk.


Both Dogecoin and Ethereum have hit new all-time highs today.

The increases mean that the combined value of all cryptocurrencies is now great than the market cap of the world’s most valuable company Apple, Yahoo Finance reports.


Two thirds of consumers are planning to make digital payments using cryptocurrency, a survey has revealed.

Mastercard found 40% of consumers across North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asian Pacific said that they expect to use the assets at some point in the next year.

The research also found 77% of Millennials are interested to learn more about the crypto market.

Mastercard said: 'Today consumers can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency as a commodity or investment.

'Consumers are also increasingly showing interest in being able to spend crypto-assets for everyday purchases.'


He added: 'I know the provenance of where my wallet coins were mined now and that means I've had to take equity positions in miners. I've had to start investing in them with the covenants in place that I would like to be paid back in a royalty of a clean coin.

'There is a huge problem going on in this industry. The industry has done a poor job in lobbying its case around sustainability.

'Collectively, they've done a horrible job. They don't push back and I'm hoping to be part of that solution. I'm trying to organize now a council of sustainability, certainly where I'll be investing in the companies that do set sustainable mandates, they will be the ones I invest in and I would like to make them a showcase for the industry that we care about sustainability.

'There's no reason a North American miner can't lead the way and take away the leadership from the Chinese who do not mine sustainably. Until everybody gets on board and stops burning coal to create electricity to mine coin, it's going to start to have a huge differentiation like oil and water.

'We have got to fix this industry and we also have to go back to our politicians in various jurisdictions, including Europe, including Canada, including in the states where there's a threat now that some governors are talking about making Bitcoin mining illegal in their state if they don't clean up their act around sustainability. So this is a big, big issue in Crypto space right now.'