Call of Duty Warzone: Verdansk will also receive an improvement after Rebirth Island

Call of Duty Warzone: Verdansk will also receive an improvement after Rebirth Island

Call of Duty Warzone

Last week we brought you a major update that Raven Software has added as a surprise to the latest Call of Duty Warzone patch. In that case, the Rebirth Island map received a fix, and now fans are asking to improve a visual aspect of the main Warzone map as well. The good news is that Verdansk 84 will also receive a fix, and Activision itself announced it.

Although Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is giving a lot of satisfaction to several fans, some players are not particularly happy some climatic situations of the new map. It is generally very sunny in new Verdansk, and as a result many have complained of too much sun which makes gunfights more difficult than in the past in battle royale. There are already many requests from the community to permanently change the climate within the new map.

The many reports have finally reached the ears of Activision and Raven Software, unaware of the problems that the rays of sunshine cause some players' games. Raven's VFX artist also recently stepped in and posted a couple of posts about the issue on his Twitter profile. The artist thanked the community for the feedback, confirming that he would immediately get to work to correct the lighting issue.

Looks like I know what I'm doing on Monday. I'm happy to look and address any VFX concerns. Thanks for the feedback. I don't have the power to change the entire lighting of the map though. Lighting feedback can be sent to @RavenSoftware #Warzone

- Reed S. (@fx_reed) May 23, 2021

At the moment we have no further information, nor precise timing to understand when these improvements will be included in Call of Duty Warzone. It is admirable, however, how all the personalities within Activision and Raven Software constantly want to do the best for the community and how much player feedback actually matters to constantly improve one of the most popular games at the moment.

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