Call of Duty Warzone: Big Season 3 Reloaded Update is coming, first video with Rambo

Call of Duty Warzone: Big Season 3 Reloaded Update is coming, first video with Rambo

Call of Duty Warzone

In the past few days, Treyarch and Raven Software had used several cryptic tweets to suggest individual film heroes of the 1980s as operators for Call of Duty Warzone. Now the developers are more specific: A short video published on the COD channel on Twitter confirms John Rambo for the battle royale shooter. Players will soon have the opportunity to shake up the playing field with the famous film warrior - among other things, the bow and fire arrows are available. Whether Rambo's well-known M60 will also be featured in the BR shooter remains to be seen.

According to the trailer, the release of the Rambo skin will take place on May 20th. The date would fit the big Season 3 Reloaded Update, which is expected in the coming week. For the patch planned for the middle of the current season, the makers had already promised a lot of additional content in advance. Raven and Treyarch had previously hinted at Rambo in a tweet; Fans had quickly solved the mystery of the mysterious new operator.

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Rambo skin coming to Call of Duty Warzone

John Rambo has a new assignment in the Warzone.

John Rambo has a new assignment in the Warzone.

Yana Blajeva/Lionsgate

Call of Duty Warzone will have a celebrity landing in matches soon. John Rambo will have to draw first blood if he plans on winning a game.

Rambo will be a new skin for season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone, according to a teaser tweet from the game's official Twitter account Monday. The short video shows a soldier running while Rambo lines up his bow to shoot an explosive arrow. It ends with a date of May 20 for when 'the action begins.'

In April, Warzone held its nuke event, where a nuclear weapon landed on the Verdansk map and wiped it out to end season 2. In its place is a retro map of the area known as Verdansk '84. With the '80s theme comes an '80s skin, hence Rambo. 

On Saturday, the Call of Duty Twitter account also tweeted a faux ad for Nakatomi Duct Cleaning, an obvious reference to movie Die Hard and hero John McClane. 

So far, there is no price for the upcoming Rambo skin.

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