Android Automotive on the new Hummer EV looks like a video game

Android Automotive on the new Hummer EV looks like a video game

The spread of Android Automotive, the infotainment platform based on the Google operating system, is slowly carving out a slice of the market; for the moment it is available on Volvo and Polestar models, and is coming to Stellantis, General Motors, Ford and Renault models.

At the annual Google I / O conference, which began yesterday, the company announced officially that the new Hummer EV will also be equipped with the latest version of Android Automotive, further enhanced by a very captivating custom graphics, reminiscent of the interfaces we are used to in the gaming field.

The native integration of Android Automotive allows you to make the most of all Google services, including the voice assistant: contrary to what happens when using Android Auto, the "Automotive" version allows you to control various aspects of the car - such as air conditioning adjustment. - conveniently via the voice assistant.

Android Automotive also offers a profound possibility of customization, so that different manufacturers can combine adapt the graphics of the software to the aesthetics of your car, a bit like it already happens on the smartphone market with the customization of Android by Samsung or other manufacturers. This is a fundamental aspect for car manufacturers, who with the spread of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were afraid of losing their brand uniqueness, finding themselves "forced" to use software that was not customizable in the aesthetic part.

The graphics created for the software that will be loaded on the new Hummer EV are undoubtedly particular and captivating, reminiscent of old versions of Android where the 'Tron' style graphics were the masters, and goes very well with the appearance general car, which will be an incredible concentration of technology and functions.

Despite the slow spread of Android Automotive, Google continues to update and improve Android Auto as well: the latest version, which will soon be integrated on the new BMW iX, is equipped with an instant pairing function and eliminates the need to use a USB cable to connect the phone to the other. Furthermore, thanks to this latest update it will be possible to decide on which display to transmit maps or other functions, instead of being forced to use the central screen.