Xbox Game Pass and Ubisoft +, integration coming soon? Still rumor

Xbox Game Pass and Ubisoft +, integration coming soon? Still rumor

Xbox Game Pass and Ubisoft +

The recent entry of EA Play in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also on PC could represent only one of the steps foreseen by Microsoft for the growth of the service over the next few months.

In fact, rumors have been going on for some months now linked to a possible inclusion in the service also of an additional subscription, namely Ubisoft +. Subscription service similar to EA Play in the structure, the proposal of the French software house is currently available exclusively on PC and streaming platforms, but could be destined to become the protagonist of yet another expansion of the Xbox Game Pass offer.

The first to unleash the rumor was the editorial staff of Windows Central, which reported a possible arrival of Ubisoft + in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In the absence of official confirmations, the indiscretion returns to the center of videogame news, with Jeff Grubb, Editor of Games Bea t, who reports on ongoing negotiations between Microsoft and the French videogame giant. Redmond's goal would be the entry of the service in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, even if the journalist is not sure that the modalities are the same chosen for EA Play. At the moment an agreement has not yet been reached, but Xbox's commitment on this front has already begun.

At the moment, there has been no confirmation from Ubisoft or Microsoft. : all that remains is to wait for any announcements on the matter.

Microsoft Is Working To Get Ubisoft Plus Added To Xbox Game Pass In Some Form – Rumor

Could Ubisoft’s service be rolling into Game Pass?

xbox game pass

As Microsoft has made their Xbox Game Pass the focus of their gaming division, they’ve done all they’ve could to increase the value of the service to allow its growth (and those that subscribe to it have apparently partaken). Now it seems, if rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is working hard to add even more value to the service with a new partner.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb spoke on the GamesBeat Decides podcast recently about some moves behind the scenes from Microsoft. He said they’ve been working with Ubisoft to get some kind of deal to bring Ubisoft Plus to the service in some form. If you’re unfamiliar, this is Ubisoft’s subscription service that launched in 2019 as Uplay Plus originally because the company dropped the Uplay branding. He said he was unsure of how this would happen or even where the negotiations were, but just that Microsoft is trying to get the publisher on board (thanks to PureXbox for transcribing the below).

“I think it’s Ubisoft Plus, yes. I think it’s that part. I’m not for sure, but that’s my understanding, is that they’re trying to make that happen.

“What that looks like, if they’re adding another $5 thing into [Xbox Game Pass] Ultimate or if there’s going to be tiers to get all these things involved, I honestly don’t know – that is me speculating. But, I do think they are trying to figure out a way to bring Ubisoft Plus in. I think that’d be a pretty big deal.”

Microsoft brokered a similar deal with EA to bring EA Play to the service, though Ubisoft Plus would most likely be different. While EA Play started at $4.99, Ubisoft Plus starts at $14.99. So it as a paid add on to the service is probably more likely overall, but at this point, who knows. We’ll see if anything comes from this as time goes on.

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