Xbox buys SEGA and Konami? Insider relaunches the rumor but it is not very credible

Xbox buys SEGA and Konami? Insider relaunches the rumor but it is not very credible

The insider Astal (very close to the Microsoft world) has relaunched on Twitter an indiscretion circulated last year that he wanted Microsoft interested in acquiring Konami and SEGA, all before the announcement of the acquisition of Bethesda and Zenimax.

The Tweet is actually rather sparse and contains only the phrase "#Konami + #Sega = #Xbox", the message is accompanied by the emoticon of the flag of Japan and a smiley that invites silence. Continuing the discussion, Astal states that "the acquisition of the two companies will cost less than what Microsoft spent to buy Zenimax", furthermore the insider makes it known that his source is not 4Chan, although he did not want to say more about it. .

Rumors about the acquisition of Konami and SEGA by the Redmond company have been circulating for a long time, according to the usual good information Microsoft would be interested in buying one or more Japanese publishers with the aim of increasing their market share in Japan, it must be said, however, that today it is simply speculation without any supporting evidence.

Always according to the rumors, Konami would already have a partnership with Sony for the production of a new Silent Hill for PlayStation 5, even in this case, however, no confirmation has come from those directly involved. We report the rumor for the record but we invite you to keep expectations low, the chances that Microsoft can score such a market body in the short time from the acquisition of Zenimax are very few, moreover SEGA is a listed company and therefore it would be impossible to attempt a climb without this will being made known. Konami also owns numerous businesses in Japan (arcades, spas, gyms) and an acquisition would probably not be so quick and easy.

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