Video technologies from Nokia licensed to Samsung

Video technologies from Nokia licensed to Samsung

Handshake announced between Nokia and Samsung: thanks to the agreement found, the Finnish company will allow the South Korean partner to leverage its video technology portfolio by accessing it under license. The amount of the economic investment put on the plate has not been disclosed.

Nokia-Samsung: agreement for video technologies

The official release talks about royalties that will be paid by Samsung. What intellectual properties are we talking about? It is not clear, the reference is generically to the "video standards" that in all probability will be used within the devices brought to the market by the Asian brand. This is the comment attributed to Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies.

I am delighted with the agreement reached with Samsung which further validates Nokia's ten-year investments in research and development and in terms of contributions to standards for multimedia technologies and videos.

As far as patents are concerned, Nokia currently controls around 20,000 patents in total, over 3,500 of which are deemed essential for 5G networks. They are the result of investments quantified in more than 129 billion euros, spread over a period of time that covers the last twenty years.

This is not the first handshake between the two realities on the intellectual property front: it is it is enough to go back a few years to find the news of a licensing agreement signed between the parties at the end of a dispute.

Source: Nokia