Rust arrives on console! Launch period announced

Rust arrives on console! Launch period announced

Since its first appearance, Rust has been one of the first and only survival games to build a solid community. Despite some not too bright moments, in recent months the title developed by Facepunch Studios has managed to make a comeback, crowning itself as the best-selling game on Steam. Times change, now the Valheim phenomenon continues to grind record after record and it would not seem to stop, but Rust managed to have an enviable success at the beginning of the year certainly not to be underestimated. This has led the team to seriously think about making it land on home consoles soon. Well, just in these hours the company has announced the launch period of these versions.

Seven years after its release, Rust is ready to land on PS4 and</a> Xbox One very soon, precisely during the spring of 2021. Although Facepunch Studios has not announced a real release date, it is easy to assume that this will be between the end of March and June. For those unfamiliar with the title it is in effect the classic survival game in which we will have to survive (in fact) paying attention to any ambushes of the players with whom it will be possible to forge solid alliances.

Being back one of the most played titles in the last period is also thanks to Twitch. The well-known streaming platform owned by Amazon has more or less discovered Rust and its simple but effective mechanics. Even in Italy, survival has managed to create a large community for itself, so much so that it is still followed by many fans. Suffice it to say that the most famous American streamers have accumulated more than ten million views on their entertainment channels from early December to early January.

It has to be said that with the passage of time the phenomenon has slowly faded, but the recent success has led to the production of the console editions, loudly requested by a lot of fans. We therefore invite you to follow our pages to find out any details on the possible release date.

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