Porsche unveils the Taycan Cross Turismo, for adventure lovers

Porsche unveils the Taycan Cross Turismo, for adventure lovers

Porsche unveils the Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche has finally unveiled the new Taycan Cross Turismo, a modified version of the Taycan that we have got to know in recent months, with a raised trim and a modified rear, higher, which makes it more like a station wagon. The new Taycan Cross Turismo will be offered in all-wheel drive versions only, with the same engines available on the classic model: 4, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S.

Let's talk about the new tail: thanks to this modification, made by making less sloping the roof at the rear, a lot of space has also been gained inside - up to 92mm more space in height for the rear passengers, in addition to having allowed an extension of the trunk. The latter measures 425 liters in the standard configuration, and reaches 1212 liters if the rear seats are folded down. An additional 82-liter compartment is present under the front hood of the car.

As for the trim, the Taycan Cross Turismo is 2 centimeters higher than the standard model, and has been embellished with details that make us understand immediately that it is a vehicle more dedicated to use on different terrains: the wheel arches have been protected with plastic bands, and silver bumpers have been installed to protect the lower part of the car.

The suspension used by Porsche is height-adjustable, thus allowing you to gain an additional centimeter in Gravel driving mode. Among the options available there is also the so-called Off Road Design package, which raises the car by 3 centimeters overall without the need to go to adjust the suspension.

The engines provided on the Taycan start from 476 horsepower on the Taycan 4 model, and reach 761 horsepower for the Taycan Turbo S version: in all cases the battery pack is 93.4 kWh, that is the Taycan's 'long range' option, and there is no smaller 79.2 kWh battery available on the standard version.

Market release is expected by summer 2021, with a price that starts from $ 90,000.

Porsche unveils two new electric bikes alongside the Taycan Gran Turismo

Porsche is taking its electrification ambitions to two wheels.

The German automaker unveiled two electric bikes Thursday, alongside the global debut of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the latest variant to its EV flagship.

Both electric bikes are said to be inspired by the Taycan, Porsche’s first electric vehicle that kicked off its broader EV ambitions. While the underlying inspiration and foundation are the same — both have have full-suspension carbon frames — each bike has a slightly different purpose and customer.

The bikes are a collective effort. They were developed in collaboration with e-bike expert Rotwild and use components from well-known bike parts manufacturers Shimano, Magura and Crankbrothers. Add high-design touches from Porsche — the spit and polish — and customers get a luxe e-bike priced between $8,500 and $10,700.

The Porsche eBikes, both of which are manufactured in Dieburg, Germany, will be available at Porsche dealers and select specialist bicycle outlets this spring, and will come in three frame sizes.

The Porsche eBike Sport is priced at $10,700, while the “cheaper” Porsche eBike Cross costs $8,549.

Porsche eBike CROSS_side-view-left

Image Credits: Porsche

The Porsche eBike Sport is designed as a daily rider. The bike is equipped with a new Shimano EP8 motor, which provides motor support up to 25 km/h (about 15 mph), a Shimano electronic gear shifting system and Magura high-performance brakes that are integrated into the handlebars. The Sport bike also has M99 LED lights from Supernova, which are embedded in the handlebar stem and aerodynamic seat post.

In addition, high-quality suspension components such as the Magura upside-down suspension fork and the Fox rear shock absorber, in combination with smooth-running tires, provide a sporty and balanced ride on asphalt or gentle terrain.

Meanwhile, the Porsche eBike Cross is aimed at riders who might be seeking rougher roads. The Cross has a new motor developed by Shimano, Magura-MT Trail high-performance brakes with extra-large, heat-resistant brake discs for deceleration and a mechanical Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system for quick gear changes. The seat post is hydraulically adjustable from Crankbrothers. The handlebars also have a Shimano color display, which shows not only speed but also distance and range in real time.

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