PlayStation's dad on the war with Nintendo and SEGA: it never really existed

PlayStation's dad on the war with Nintendo and SEGA: it never really existed

PlayStation's dad on the war with Nintendo and SEGA

A few days ago the first episode of Harada's Bar was broadcast, a new and peculiar talk show hosted by "a secret bar in Tokyo" by Katushiro Harada, director of Tekken. The first guest was none other than Ken Kutaragi, responsible for the birth of the PlayStation brand.

The topics touched on by the two were many, but among the many stand out Kutaragi's considerations on the historic console war that was "fought" "in the 90s between Sony, Nintendo and SEGA, which ended at the dawn of the new millennium with a landslide victory for PlayStation, a reeling Nintendo in the home segment and the forfeit of SEGA, which after the Dreamcast left the console market.

Kutaragi offered a new perspective on this "war" that has animated the pages of magazines and debates among gamers for an entire decade, explaining that it never really existed. Before launching PlayStation, remember, Kutaragi worked with Nintendo (especially the SNES sound processor), a company with which he has always maintained excellent relations. "Before PlayStation, I worked on Nintendo's Super Famicom, and I liked Mr. Uemura and his team so much, I was with them often and we always got along. From the outside, we were seen as fighting each other. they always asked questions like, 'Is Sony's rival Nintendo or SEGA?', but I never actually knew because we were all colleagues. People on the outside didn't think so anyway ... they didn't know the truth ... they enlivened our industry ".

According to Kutaragi it was the media that turned the relationship between the three video game giants into a conflict, making things more interesting than they were, generating al at the same time a lot of free advertising. Kutaragi was well aware that all this was leading to a growth in the entire gaming world.

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