PlayStation Indies, Sony's guide to partnership: how to publish a game on PS4 and PS55

PlayStation Indies, Sony's guide to partnership: how to publish a game on PS4 and PS55

PlayStation Indies, Sony's guide to partnership

In the wake of the arrival of new Indies on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the Sony management proposes an interesting initiative dedicated to all the independent teams currently engaged in the development of a title.

With PlayStation Indies, Sony Interactive Entertainment invites small software houses to propose their productions for a publication on PlayStation hardware. The procedure for achieving a partnership has several steps, the first of which is the start of the registration process on In this phase, in addition to entering essential information about their team, indie developers will also have to provide a Project Plan. This is a first presentation of the project they are working on, in which Sony asks to offer some details such as artistic style, launch window, description of the main and most distinctive gameplay features.

Following the approval of SIE, it will be necessary to sign a Global Developer and Publisher Agreement, which will open the doors to a series of tools aimed at facilitating the development process of the proposed title. Sony warmly invites candidates to submit - in addition to details on the team and the game in development - also a selection of visual / interactive material to better convey the idea behind the title. Concept art, soundtrack, gameplay video or, better yet, an early stage build are highly appreciated.

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