Nintendo Switch Pro with exclusive games: the rumors on the console continue

Nintendo Switch Pro with exclusive games: the rumors on the console continue

Nintendo Switch Pro with exclusive games

After the publication of a new and rich report on Nintendo Switch Pro by the Bloomberg editorial team, the trail of indiscretions related to an alleged enhanced model of the hybrid console continues.

And while so far most of the rumors focused on the nature of the hardware components of the much talked about device, however there is no lack of speculation on the productions that could land there. Several rumors have highlighted a link between the launch of Nintendo Switch Pro and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, but there were also references to a hypothetical Mario Kart 9 arriving at the end of 2021.

Now , to the review of hypotheses are also added the words of a well-known insider active on Resetera under the pseudonym of "NateDrake". With a curriculum of various predictions that later proved to be actually correct, the latter claims to be certain that the now infamous Nintendo Switch Pro would be ready to welcome some exclusives in its catalog. These, he continues, may not be many and are mostly linked to Third Party productions. For its part, however, NateDrake claims to know the identity of at least one of these.

In the meantime, however, no confirmation has been received from the Kyoto giant regarding the actual existence of an enhanced model of Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro will have exclusive games claims insider

Would you buy a Switch Pro if it had exclusives? (pic: Nintendo)

Following yesterday’s newest Switch Pro rumours, an insider is claiming that it will also have a small number of exclusive games.

Even though nothing has been officially announced by Nintendo, it’s widely believed that the company is working on an upgraded Switch model, dubbed by fans as the Switch Pro. There have been constant rumours and reports on the thing, the most recent ones claiming that it will feature a bigger screen.

In the wake of yesterday’s news, industry insider Nate Drake (who recently said that Bethesda is aiming to release Starfield by the end of 2021) has added that the new model will also have its own exclusive games.



They don’t elaborate on what games they might be, but suggest that there will only be a small amount of them (they claim to know of at least one) and will primarily come from third parties.

It would make a lot of sense for this to be true. Firstly, exclusive games would help sell the system to those who may already own a Switch. Secondly, Nintendo did this before with its New Nintendo 3DS, the upgraded 3DS model.

Aside from having extra processing power and improved 3D functionality it had its own line-up of games that could only be played on the newer hardware.

It wasn’t a particularly long list, only comprising of seven games like Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (and one of them, Dragon Fang Z: Ryuusha Rose To Yadorigi No Meikyuu, only released in Japan) so anyone who stuck with the original 3DS model wasn’t necessarily missing out on much. But it’s a strategy Nintendo could very well replicate.

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With another report stating that several third parties are developing 4K games for the Switch, there’s a countless number of potential games that could be released on the hypothetical Switch Pro. Common fan requests include Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Persona 5.

It’s still unlikely the Switch Pro would be powerful enough to run something like Red Dead Redemption 2 but Nintendo has already been testing the waters with streaming, via high profile games such as Control and Hitman 3.

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