Logitech: Mouse and Keyboard on offer at 33% discount

Logitech: Mouse and Keyboard on offer at 33% discount


Logitech applies a discount to the MK470 kit that includes a wireless mouse and keyboard, today it is on offer on Amazon for € 34.99. The 33% discount corresponds to € 17 savings compared to the usual price, the promotion applies - for now - only to the gray version. The product is scheduled for availability on March 27.

The Logitech MK470 bundle offers a compact mouse with a flat and symmetrical design and a membrane keyboard that is excellent for typing, equipped with a compartment in which you can insert one smartphone or tablet in a raised position. The peripherals connect to PCs and Macs via the USB receiver included in the package, which uses the 2.4GHz frequency to transmit commands without any latency up to 10m away.

Although the full size keyboard format includes both the function keys and the numeric keypad, the keyboard does not renounce a compact design and a low weight.

The manufacturer declares an integrated battery capable of guaranteeing up to 18 months of use for the mouse and up to 36 months for the keyboard, once the peripherals are loaded you forget to have to recharge them for some time.

The Logitech MK470 mouse and keyboard bundle is on offer on Amazon at 34, 99 €, a great price reduced by 33% for a pair of quality peripherals suitable for any occasion. The product is not compatible with Prime express shipping, the platform indicates March 27 as the kit availability date.

Logitech G333 gaming earphones work for PCs and mobile devices

Logitech has unveiled a new set of earphones designed for playing games at home and on the go. The product is the Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones. Logitech says they are designed explicitly for gaming with a different design than traditional earbuds featuring two separate drivers in each ear housing. One of those drivers is dedicated to bass, while the other is dedicated to mid and high-range sounds.

The special design delivers an audio experience with a rich soundscape allowing gamers to hear every detail of the game environment, separating sounds, music, and voice chat. The earphones are equipped to allow for play anywhere the user might be with wired compatibility with the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch game consoles. G333 earphones are also compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and other devices thanks to a built-in 3.5 mm audio connector and included USB-C adapter.

While the earphones will work with the iPhone, keep in mind that iPhone models require an Apple adapter to use 3.5mm headphones and Apple devices have no USB-C capability. Logitech ships the G333 earphones with three sizes of silicone ear tips. The earphones featuring an aluminum housing and a tangle-free flat cable.

Logitech equips the earphones with an in-line microphone and integrated audio controls. They also ship with a soft carrying pouch to keep the earphones clean and tangle-free. G333 buyers can choose from three different colors, including black housing and cable with blue tips, silver housing with clear tips and white cable, and a purple housing and cable with yellow tips.

Logitech’s G333 earphones are available now in all three colors for $49.99 directly from the company website. It’s unclear when if the earphones will be offered through traditional retail outlets and other online retailers.