Is Tencent working on a new PC-based console? Register patents and images

Is Tencent working on a new PC-based console? Register patents and images

A rumor is emerging in these hours that wants Tencent engaged in the development of a "PC Video Game Console", complete with patents and renderings that hypothesize the shape of this new specific gaming machine.

It would be to all intents and purposes of a PC, since it should still be based on a Windows operating system, but with the shape that is completely similar to a console, built as a sort of hybrid in the style of Nintendo Switch. The images speak quite clearly: it seems to be a sort of emulation of the Nintendo console as others have emerged on the Chinese market and beyond.

In this case, the support from Tencent could make this console " PC "a rather consistent device, both in terms of adequate hardware characteristics and a more widespread distribution than what we have seen in the past for similar machines, considering the economic power of the Chinese giant.

Curiously, Tencent is also the official distributor of Nintendo Switch on the domestic market of China, therefore it could be in an advantageous position for the launch of such a machine, even if it would be a strange situation.

In any case, everything goes taken with a grain of salt, considering that the documents appear to be official but the registration of patents and projects does not necessarily imply an effective market launch of a pro learned. It must be said that, especially in China, such a device might have a good market, but it could work well elsewhere as well.