God of War Fallen God, Kratos conquering Egypt: discovering the comic

God of War Fallen God, Kratos conquering Egypt: discovering the comic

God of War Fallen God, Kratos conquering Egypt

Waiting for the release of God of War 2 for PlayStation 5, officially scheduled in a generic 2021, Kratos has become the protagonist of a new Dark Horse comic series divided into four episodes, the first of which is already available: it is called God of War: Fallen God, and is set up as a prequel to the PS4 game.

Fallen God tells what happened to Kratos in the long dark period between the incredible ending of God of War 3, which led to his Greek adventures ended, and the beginning of the chapter of 2018, in which we found him visibly aged after having rebuilt his life in the icy forests of Northern Europe.

Our Giuseppe Carrabba had the opportunity to read the first volume of the mini-series, which opens with a battered world where the stormy sea has swallowed a land no longer illuminated by the sun. The Spartan's exploits threw the Earth into chaos, while he himself ended up sinking under the weight of his sins. After a long journey Kratos arrives in Ancient Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, where he lives a new series of adventures ...

Fallen God still has everything to prove, but the first volume has laid the foundations for a 'work with all the credentials to tell an interesting story. We talk about the comic in the special video at the opening of the news and in the in-depth analysis on God of War: Fallen God edited by our Giuseppe Carrabba.

New God Of War: Fallen God Comic Takes Kratos To Egypt

It’s no surprise to anyone by this point that there’s a substantial time gap between the ending of God of War 3 and the beginning of the 2018 God of War. However, a new comic book called God of War: Fallen God will show us how Kratos traveled, and take us to Egypt, too.

The book will be written by Chris Robertson, and will be illustrated by Tony Parker, an Eisner Award-nominated artist. So far there’s no release date, but hopefully Sony Santa Monica and the comic publisher will bring that up at a later date.

God of War is no stranger to the idea of other mythologies. Sony Santa Monica’s original plan for the God of War series was for different protagonists to kill their way through the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons before all meeting.

The 2018 God of War game also hinted at various other gods and pantheons in the world, as the god Tyr had traveled the world to befriend other races and pantheons, his treasure trove including a wide variety of artifacts from many different cultures, with multiple symbols from other pantheons painted on the walls.

While we may not see all of these pantheons themselves, the God of War: Fallen God comic at least is going to show us the Egyptian pantheon as Kratos arrives in Egypt, attempting to flee his past after God of War 3. In Egypt, he will face an enemy that has proven to be invincible: himself.

It’s likely that much like in the Greek God of War games, the comic book series will have Kratos encounter a variety of Egyptian gods both major and minor, though it remains to be seen whether he’ll end up fighting them.

Once again we don’t know when God of War: Fallen God will be releasing, but hopefully we’ll learn the date soon. In the meantime, God of War: Ragnarok, the sequel to the 2018 God of War game, is slated to come out on both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 this year.