GameStop looks to the future and focuses on PC Gaming, hardware and accessories

GameStop looks to the future and focuses on PC Gaming, hardware and accessories

GameStop looks to the future and focuses on PC Gaming

During the night GameStop Corporation announced the financial results of the last quarter, data obviously influenced by the health measures to limit the circulation of Covid-19 and which saw the company temporarily close several stores or open with reduced hours.

GameStop is focusing heavily on eCommerce and digital content and these business segments will grow further in the next period according to the company's CEO, who adds new opportunities by declaring his desire to expand the company's activities in the PC Gaming market:

"The GameStop catalog is constantly expanding and this also includes new offers related to the PC world with gaming computers and hardware for creators, monitors, TVs, tables and desks, gaming chairs, furniture for gaming stations and accessories . These are products that our customers expect to buy from GameStop. "

With this move GameStop wants to enter new markets by reducing or the dependence on the console business and opening up to further expanding sectors, as already demonstrated by the chain's interest in merchandising, gadgets, action figures, collectible card games and board games.

In the future, therefore, the PC market will become increasingly important for GameStop Corporation together with the sale of digital content and eCommerce, obviously the console and video game market for these platforms will not be neglected.

GameStop (GME) plans to expand into PC gaming, monitor, & gaming TV sales

On its Q4 2020 earnings conference call, GameStop CEO George Sherman noted that the company plans to expand its market with PC gaming, monitor, and TV products.

As GameStop (GME) continues to refocus its efforts and restructure to become a more sustainable company, that apparently means expanding its reach into markets it has traditionally never been a part of. During the recent Q4 2020 earnings conference call, one of the highlights and future facing points of the call was that apparently GameStop will be aiming to expand its market into the PC Gaming and gaming TV/monitor markets.

The GameStop (GME) Q4 2020 earnings conference call took place on March 23, 2021, immediately following the release of the Q4 2020 earnings report. One of the more notable parts of the relatively short call was a forward facing statement regarding GameStop’s inventory. According to CEO George Sherman, GameStop is planning to move into the markets of PC gaming, monitors, and gaming TVs. While these are definitely a major part of the gaming market, GameStop has traditionally only dipped its toe into the PC and TV markets up to this point.

GameStopGameStop's focus on console gaming has resulted in it missing out on opportunities like the current RTX 30 GPU series craze - an issue the company likely intends to rectify with its upcoming move into PC gaming, TVs, and monitors.

It makes sense for GameStop to enter the PC gaming and TV markets and is actually a little strange in retrospect that the company hasn’t previously. Its efforts have almost entirely been relegated to consoles, console gaming, accessories, and game-related toys. According to Sherman, this move is a part of GameStop’s efforts to become less reliant on the cyclical nature of console launches and sunsetting.

It also makes sense considering how high the market interest is in gaming PC, laptops, and various parts, especially in terms of the recent craze surrounding graphics cards like Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series.

With chief customer officer Frank Hamlin set to be the second senior executive to resign from GameStop in a short time, it seems GameStop is still far from done with its ongoing restructuring. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story and updates on GameStop apparently entering the gaming and TV market.

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