Carlo Filangieri is the new FiberCop CEO

Carlo Filangieri is the new FiberCop CEO

Carlo Filangieri has been chosen as the new CEO of FiberCop, a group that aspires to develop the network that will have to bring ultra-broadband across the country. The path has already been important in recent months, but the advent of Filangieri represents an important junction that starts the engines of the FiberCop machine - in view of a more operational phase by the young group.

Filangieri at the helm of FiberCop

If the role of FiberCop is to "operate exclusively in the wholesale market for the provision of services relating to the secondary fiber and copper network until its complete switch off", the name chosen to guide of the group could only be that of TIM's Head of Wholesale Market (a role held from September 2020 onwards after a long series of other positions at an international level, always within the perimeter of the Italian group).

The program of the company has already been fixed in the past few weeks through the co-investment commitments countersigned by TIM, KKR Global Infrastructure and Fastweb:

The target coverage in each municipality will be approximately 75-80% and will make it possible to reach a total of 12.9 million ITU (Technical Real Estate Units) out of the 16.5 million present, in total, in the aforementioned 1,610 municipalities. TIM's co-investment offer therefore concerns approximately 75% of the ITUs in the gray and black areas (excluding the municipality of Milan) identified by Infratel in the 20206 mapping. The implementation of the plan will be completed by 2025.

TIM has placed Filangieri at the head of this co-investment plan, the backbone of what will be the development of the "One Network" which Italy has been in chronic need of for too long now.