ByteDance and Tencent will track iPhone users

ByteDance and Tencent will track iPhone users

Apple will introduce the App Tracking Transparency feature (hated by Facebook) with the debut of iOS 14.5. Several Chinese companies, including ByteDance and Tencent, have started tests for a tool that will also allow users to be tracked and thus show personalized advertisements.

Chinese tracking on iOS 14.5

With the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency feature, developers will have to ask users for permission to use the so-called IDFA (IDentifier For Advertising) to track online activities. If the permission is denied, it will not be possible to view personalized advertisements (based on the navigation profile). According to Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg) there will be a sharp decrease in earnings because the majority of users will not accept the tracking.

According to the information received by the Financial Times, the China Advertising Association (funded by the government) has developed a new method for tracking iPhone users, called CAID, without their consent. This IDFA workaround is currently being tested by ByteDance (company known for TikTok) and Tencent (company known for WeChat).

The new privacy rules apply to all developers and, in theory, Apple can detect the use of the tool and remove the apps from its Chinese store. Given the support of the Chinese government, this could have drastic consequences, including Apple's total ban from China. Someone speculates that the Cupertino company will make an exception for Chinese developers.

The China Advertising Association believes that the CAID does not violate the new rules and that Apple has been informed of the tool's existence. However, the solution has not yet been implemented.

Source: Financial Times