Mark Zuckerberg also cuckoos on Clubhouse

Mark Zuckerberg also cuckoos on Clubhouse
Mark Zuckerberg took a ride on Clubhouse. Who knows that he hadn't already appeared previously in disguise, but in any case he later also made himself recognized in official guise.

Welcome Mark23

The landing is news because to meet are one of the hottest social networks of the moment and the founder and CEO of the king of social networking. The appearance took place at "The Good Time Show", a real ad hoc program born on the platform, one of the first to really get noticed in "mainstream" terms (in a broad sense, for now) on this nascent reality.

To raise his hand was "Zuck23" and according to what was reported the discussion would have centered on future technologies, virtual reality and other contexts on which Facebook is committed with investments for the future. Among other things, Mark Zuckerberg would also have guaranteed that Facebook is working on future AR / VR applications for the professional field, probably identifying a possible development of smart working in this frontier. Those who want to listen to what has happened simply cannot do it: like any "Story", even the Clubhouse live broadcasts vanish and leave no trace.

For Clubhouse this is clearly an important showcase, because being able to host in a short time both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg means obtaining two endorsements of rare privilege. However, the reality is still so small today that it is certainly not a danger for Zuckerberg, who could have a good game undermining its foundations through any add-on to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp to make Clubhouse little more than a dead end. As has happened repeatedly in the past, however.

Source: Business Insider