Bethesda: Xbox event around the corner?

Bethesda: Xbox event around the corner?


Xbox has officially acquired Bethesda, as we reported in recent days. Waiting to see exactly how the publisher will behave towards the new label, Jeff Grubb (well-known journalist and rather reliable insider) has "confirmed" the approaching of a special event organized by Microsoft, in which some details will be discussed with the public. of what we can define as the most important acquisition operation of the last ten years, at least in the world of video games.

According to Grubb, Bethesda will be at the center of a particular show organized by Xbox where some of the next ones will be revealed moves by Microsoft and the Maryland publisher and developer. Among the topics of discussion are obviously present which games will enter the Xbox Game Pass service and obviously what it means in detail the addition of the family of Todd Howard and associates in the Xbox Game Studio group, which today has high profile studios such as Obsidian and inXile Entertainment.

Beware though: Grubb himself has stated that there will be no new announcement of weight. The journalist has in fact specified that release dates and other possible "bombs" will be kept in store for E3 2021. The Los Angeles event (which should only be held in digital version due to the COVID-19 pandemic) will be the right stage to reveal to critics, enthusiasts and fans the next moves such as release dates and new projects in the pipeline or in progress. In addition, Bethesda and Xbox would still have two separate shows, given the difficulty associated with the timing of organizing a single conference.

Bethesda and Xbox are finally united in an official marriage. If the event is confirmed, it will obviously be an invitation to all players, curious to know what will be the first moves of both companies in this new union. We will update you as soon as more details are available, so stay tuned to geekinco for all the news in the pipeline.

Microsoft's next gen is still sold out everywhere, but the new pads (compatible with PC) are available on Amazon.

Microsoft's Bethesda Purchase Approved By SEC

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved Microsoft Bethesda purchase, which will make Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax part of the Xbox family. It was one of the last remaining roadblocks to the acquisition finally closing, but Bethesda isn't becoming part of Xbox just yet.

The SEC published a 'notice of effectiveness' for the transaction on its website this week. If you're not familiar with SEC filings, it doesn't exactly mean much on the surface, but this notice is used when the SEC accepts a company's registration. The 'S-4' on the page means this is related to either a merger or an acquisition, and if you go to the related documents for this notice, it lists Microsoft's registration amount as being $7.5 billion. This is the amount agreed upon during the deal last year.

The SEC's approval actually comes as we were expecting to hear word from the European Commission, the other major regulatory body that could put a stop to this deal. It was scheduled to make a ruling by March 5, though it doesn't appear to have made it public yet, assuming the ruling hasn't been outright delayed. Assuming that is approved, it shouldn't be too long before we see the companies working together officially. Microsoft has already created a division called Vault, presumably named after the Fallout series, that will be responsible for Bethesda properties.

That doesn't mean PlayStation fans will be immediately left in the dust, however. The upcoming game Deathloop will actually launch as a PlayStation console exclusive, as the agreement was made prior to the Microsoft acquisition, and Microsoft is honoring that. It will be at least a year before the game comes to Xbox or other platforms. Future games are more up in the air, though it would certainly make sense for big franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Doom to become Microsoft-exclusive in order to draw in more players.

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