PS5: Reseller shows no regrets when buying multiple consoles using a bot

PS5: Reseller shows no regrets when buying multiple consoles using a bot
Buying a PS5 isn't exactly easy right now - if not nearly impossible. In addition to the high demand, resellers with bot software also make buying a console extremely difficult. In the UK alone, a scalper group has managed to buy over 3,500 PS5 units. These consoles are now being sold profitably through various marketplaces. Such resellers are also active in Germany.

In an interview with GamesWirtschaft, a scalper commented on his machinations. The reseller - who appears on the Internet under the pseudonym T3RRORTOAST - doesn't seem to have a bad conscience. Accordingly, he primarily thinks of himself and wants to earn money with it. In an interview with GamesWirtschaft, it sometimes says:

"If I were faced with the decision: Would you prefer the father to give his son a PlayStation for Christmas, a consumer good, or would you rather earn money, then I'd rather earn money. "

When buying the consoles, the reseller relies on bots that take over the work automatically as soon as additional deliveries arrive in known shops. According to him, it is extremely difficult for retailers to do anything against this software. When the Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017, scalpers also used their bots to buy hardware.

T3RRORTOAST already claims: "If someone invests a little time and does a little research, then they can buy the PS5." According to the reseller, opening numerous tabs in the browser and constantly updating these websites should lead to a hit at some point. The complete interview with GamesWirtschaft, including further statements by the scalper, can be found behind the source at the end of the message.

Source: GamesWirtschaft