A prequel to Alita - Angel of the battle in progress?

A prequel to Alita - Angel of the battle in progress?
According to some rumors (for now, unfounded), it seems that a prequel TV series of Alita - Angel of the battle, made specifically for Disney +, is in the works, since the rights of 20th Century Fox are now in the hands of The Walt Disney Company .

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According to various sources, after the insistent pressure of fans for the expansion of the Alita - Battle Angel franchise, it appears that Disney plans to make a prequel TV series that will air directly on the Disney + proprietary streaming platform.

If these rumors are confirmed, that Alita would be the second franchise that would go on after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox: the first is, in fact, Percy Jackson, of which a live-action series has already been confirmed that will adapt all the novels of the saga, always exclusive to Disney +.

Le sources also talking about the possible involvement of both the director of the original film Robert Rodriguez, and the producer and screenwriter James Cameron, indicating that he is not sure they will be contacted again.

The original film was based on the manga series from the ' 90 by the Japanese artist Yukito Kishiro with the same title and also inspired by the animated adaptation of 1993. As for this phantom prequel series, the source indicated by the Small-Screen portal has declared that it still has no details about it.

As reiterated at the beginning, those reported in this article are still totally unfounded and unverified rumors. Waiting for updates to arrive from those directly involved, we invite you to take everything with due caution, as there is still nothing certain.

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