PS5: DualSense is the perfect object for ASMR videos

PS5: DualSense is the perfect object for ASMR videos
Since the first details regarding the new PS5 controller have emerged, players' curiosity has quickly skyrocketed. This is because from the first moments of presentation, the DualSense presented itself to the eyes of fans as a real object full of next gen. Sony has focused heavily on the new pad, but above all, on the new sensations that it will allow to experience while playing on the PlayStation 5.

Now that the Sony console is officially available worldwide, players are having the opportunity to try firsthand what are the new potential of DualSense. Between amazement and surprise, however, the new PS5 controller is also enjoying great success in the non-gaming audience. To give us a new perspective of DualSense is the youtuber known by the nickname of "ASMattR ASMR".

What transpires from the video proposed by this guy, is how the PS5 DualSense is a real object of desires for anyone making ASMR videos. As shown in the video, the new vibration characteristics of the pad, through the haptic sensors, emit a sound that is perfect for a type of video that is currently becoming popular not only on YouTube, but also in live streaming on Twitch.

A truly unexpected use, but which puts us on a new perspective of vision of the new PS5 controller. It therefore seems that the strange marriage of DualSense and 3D microphones of those who propose ASMR videos is unexpectedly functional; something really unexpected. What do you think of using the new DualSense controller within ASMR videos? Can you relax this type of video offered on the net? Tell us yours by leaving us a comment in the dedicated section.

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