Benbow, The tavern of stories: Jacopo Masini tells David Foster Wallace

Benbow, The tavern of stories: Jacopo Masini tells David Foster Wallace
There is an inn, in the maze of the network, which never closes, ready to welcome all those who are looking for a rare commodity: a beautiful story. Among the dusty shelves of this mysterious tavern, an innkeeper awaits you who will not serve you rum (or rather, not only that!), But will satisfy your thirst for new adventures, recommending incredible readings and guiding you to discover unmissable imaginative universes. If you too feel the call of adventure, you just have to go in search of Benbow, The tavern of stories, and find out what news the host Jacopo Masini has in store for you

Benbow, La taverna delle Storie - 27/11/2020: David Foster Wallace

In the episode of Friday 27th we will discover David Foster Wallace, the prematurely deceased genius of contemporary American literature, whose death is considered by many to be September 11th of the fiction of this century. Incredible character, capable of inventing an anecdote about his surname, when, in Il re pallido, he tells of having decided to put his mother's surname before that of his father following an episode that occurred when he worked at the Internal Revenue Service, the US revenue agency, in which his confusion with a namesake had led to a series of unpleasant consequences. In reality, the events that the writer describes are fictitious, invented to give a semblance of realism to the whole story: David Foster Wallace has never worked for the Internal Revenue Service.

We will read some passages from his first works, to discover how his exceptional and inexhaustible talent was at the service of a disarming humanity.

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