PS5 unobtainable, the group that has accumulated 3,500 talks: 'we have no regrets'

PS5 unobtainable, the group that has accumulated 3,500 talks: 'we have no regrets'
While the stocks of the new Sony console have run out at all retailers, fans have seen numerous ads appearing on the net offering the hardware at very high prices.

In this context, the news of a organized group that has accumulated 3,500 PS5 specifically for the purpose of reselling them at a higher price. Speculation was at the center of an article that appeared on Business Insider, which had the opportunity to converse with one of the managers of the association, known as CrepChiefNotify. Following the disclosure of the details, strongly negative reactions came from the videogame community, to which the group wanted to publicly reply.

From its Facebook page, with the post you find at the bottom of this news, CrepChiefNotify denies having used bots, as emerged initially. The 3,500 PlayStation 5s would have been blocked manually, simply thanks to the organizational skills of their members. The group then offered details of their action: "Many in our community have been put on leave, fired or placed at some disadvantage due to the pandemic. These people have been able to pay their bills, put meals on the table and buy gifts. Christmas for their children. It may be sad that one child won't wake up with a PlayStation 5 this Christmas, but another child could have woken up with nothing. We have no regrets. "

A strong statement, which certainly makes the context more complex and less Manichean. At the same time, Sony announced that new PS5 stocks will arrive by Christmas.

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