Rock'n roll Genshin Impact with the Xinyan trailer

Rock'n roll Genshin Impact with the Xinyan trailer
After Childe's arrival (we talked about it in this news), Genshin Impact is ready to welcome Xinyan: it is a 4-star element Pyro which, of course, uses incendiary attacks capable of applying damage to the opponent for 5 seconds. Stunning is his attack with which he will set fire to surrounding enemies thanks to his electric guitar. In short, a nice addition to the famous JRPG that will make users who exploit the Pyro element happy.

As you already know, the game of the Chinese team miHoYo uses the elements (Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro, Dendro , Anemo and Geo) to variegate the combat system. In addition, environmental conditions also affect the attack: for example, if our character is drenched in rain, he will be resistant to Pyro but will suffer heavy damage from Electro. Particular is also the reaction of the elements that allows various interesting combos to the player.

The miHoYo JRPG is available for PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS. Soon the title will also be published on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. Since its release, which took place last September 28, the game has registered as many as 17 million downloads on smartphones alone in the space of a week. In addition, the title continues to record good numbers and is really appreciated thanks to its free to play nature and gameplay that recalls The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Here is the description of Genshin Impact: “Explore Teyvat, a boundless world full of life and constantly crossed by rivulets of elemental energy.

After arriving here from another world, two brothers are separated against their will by an unknown deity, deprived of their powers and thrown into a deep sleep. You are one of them and suddenly you wake up in a very different reality from the one you remembered ... ".

“This is how your adventure in Teyvat begins, to seek answers from the Seven, the deities who rule the 7 elements. Along the way you will be able to explore every corner of this magnificent world, join forces with those of a multitude of other characters and discover the infinite mysteries that lurk in this world ".

Should you wish to recover it, Zelda Breath of The Wild is available at a discount on Amazon Italy.

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